Better Benalla Rail

About Us

About Us

Better Benalla Rail is a group of local people with an interest in seeing our Station improved. We have been meeting for several months and are finalising plans for a major public campaign.

Awareness of the ARTC plan is not widespread. Many people have no idea of the scale and scope of the works proposed. Our group aims to inform the community through a range of activities.

Currently our only method of communication has been our Facebook page – “Better Rail for Benalla”. This webpage is the next phase of our strategy. This page will become our major method of communicating with the community. Through it we can share upcoming events and keep everyone up to date with developments.

In March we are hoping to open a “Pop Up Shop” in the central business district. This will enable us to provide information to residents and give people an opportunity to join the campaign. “Conversation Cards” will be available so you can indicate what type of activity you may be prepared to be involved with. It will also allow you to add your voice and comments. We are aiming to cover costs by selling “SOS Save our Station” T/Shirts.

We are in discussion with Council establishing how we may work together to achieve an outcome Benalla can be proud of. The Benalla Ensign has shown considerable initiative in joining the campaign to assist in spreading information.

There are many people supporting the proposals we have developed. Our proposals are well researched, drawing on the wealth of experience in our town and the skills and knowledge of many ex railway personnel who live here. We have also benefited from expert advice from engineers and other professionals.

The group consists of Suzie Pearce, Chairperson.

Other group members - Raelene Dennis, Norm Cook, Lawrence Stolz, Greg Dennis, Alana Johnson, Tom Crocker, Ellen Crocker, Phillip Rees and David Moore.